Real or acting? Vice Ganda sings ‘Almost Over You,’ teased over tearing up


Posted at Aug 15 2018 01:06 AM

Vice Ganda’s co-hosts weren’t sure whether the comedian was channeling real emotions or only acting as he gave a “hugot”-filled rendition of the breakup song “Almost Over You” in the live episode of “It’s Showtime” Tuesday.

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Vice Ganda and Anne Curtis were interviewing “Tawag ng Tanghalan” daily contender Jhoana Dungca, who had just performed the Sheena Easton ballad, when the hosts challenged each other to sing the tune “with feelings.”

Given acting cues and motivational lines by Vice Ganda, Curtis was first to give a heartfelt performance, which ended with the two hugging.

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Similarly, Vice Ganda was prompted by Curtis to “go back to that time, that heartbreak when he told you, ‘Hindi na ‘to puwede.’”

Left onstage alone, Vice Ganda sang with tears apparently welling up.

“Naiyak ako,” his co-host Jhong Hilario said as the lights went back on.

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Curtis agreed, saying, “Naramdaman namin ‘yon.”

Vice Ganda then feigned a tirade against the contestant, Dungca, as he blamed her song choice for dredging up bad memories from a failed relationship, triggering laughter in the audience.

With a brand of comedy drawing from personal experience and current events, Vice Ganda has not shied away from mentioning his own heartbreaks to deliver punchlines. His love life has also become a frequent subject of teasing on “It’s Showtime,” resulting in relatable moments for fans with similar “hugot.”