Darren Espanto, Jayda hope to do more duets after success of 'Sana Tayo Na'


Posted at Aug 14 2020 01:50 PM

MANILA -- Young singers Darren Espanto at Jayda are thrilled about the success of their first song together "Sana Tayo Na."

Speaking on radio station RX 93.1 on Friday, the two said they are happy that through their song, they made a lot of fans happy and "kilig," especially amid this pandemic. 

"I'd say that is one of our goals when we released this collaboration. Since there's so much going on the word and all... probably that's why we released the song para iba naman ang maramdaman ng tao. They will feel a bit of happiness and a bit of kilig in their lives. That's one of our objectives. We're really happy that a lot of people have been supporting the song, they've been listening and watching the video as well," Darren said.

"Siyempre nakakatuwa naman talaga to see the outpouring of love and support and not just from fans. I mean, if you read the comment section of the music video, I've been seeing comments from people who may not be even familiar with our work but they still appreciate the song. And not just us but us as artists and honestly that means so much to us. Siyempre sa mga fan kapag kinikilig sila it's so nice to be able to see people that they're happy and looking to something else besides this tough times," Jayda added.

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The two young singers said that after "Sana Tayo Na" they are hoping to do more collaborations together.

"We've been enjoying this ride with 'Sana Tayo Na' and it's been so amazing. I think working together in the future is not something too far off in the horizon I think we both love that. I mean we love to work together again. ... All I can say is expect the unexpected. You will just never know," Jayda.

"I'm pretty sure this isn't going to be the last project that Jayda and I would do together," Espanto added.

Last month, Espanto and Jayda surprised their fans with the release of "Sana Tayo Na" under Star Music.

The song “Sana Tayo Na” confesses two people’s hopes of being together in the future.

The song was written by Jayda's father Dingdong Avanzado, which was originally a part of his “Coming of Age” album.

The new version was produced by Jayda and ABS-CBN Music creative director Jonathan Manalo. 
Watch Jayda and Espanto's full video below.