‘I haven’t been myself’: Andi Eigenmann reveals coping with postpartum depression


Posted at Aug 14 2019 10:17 PM | Updated as of Aug 15 2019 12:33 AM


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MANILA — Actress Andi Eigenmann, who recently welcomed her second child, has revealed she is coping with postpartum depression.

On Instagram, the former “Agua Bendita” star has been chronicling her struggle as well as messages of optimism as she looks forward to recovering.

Eigenmann admitted she had prepared herself for the “possibility of not bouncing back” physically after her pregnancy, but inadvertently neglected “other aspects of being a new mom again,” such as emotional healing.


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She wrote: “I guess this is what postpartum depression looks like to me. I haven’t been feeling like myself lately. Sleepless nights are getting the best of me.

“When the others are asleep I’d shed tears I’d normally save for my acting performances on TV show finales. I’ve been having so many thoughts of guilt. I’ve been questioning every decision I’ve made that led me here.

“I read so much about caring for a newborn and prepping to be a new mom again but I seemed to have ignored postpartum depression. But now I don’t know much about it. Just hoping that the fact that I’m aware of other moms going through this, and that I am acknowledging what this feeling may be, will hopefully be helpful.”

In another post, she referred to Lilo, her newborn, and Ellie, her older daughter, as “my source of strength and inspiration” and her “greatest loves.”


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Eigenmann went on to ask her followers who are fellow mothers for advice, many of whom told her “get some sun.”

Eigenmann, who had been staying in Siargao with her partner Philmar Alipayao prior to giving birth in Manila, said she believes “going back to the island will definitely be helpful not just for me but for all of us!”

“Back to island life in just a few days. We cannot express how excited we all are for sunny days at the beach once again. This time will be hanging around C9 with Lilo in my arms!” she added, referring to the well-known surfing waves in Siargao.


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