Arron Villaflor ready to join the sexy bandwagon

Leah C. Salterio

Posted at Aug 13 2022 04:16 PM

MANILA -- The past two years had been a struggle for 32-year-old actor Arron Villaflor, who was in limbo with no work on TV and films. 

“I’ve been floating for two years,” Villaflor told ABS-CBN News. “It was really hard for me. I was idle. So, I decided to transfer to Viva.

Villaflor joined Star Circle National Quest in 2004 and ended up first runner up to winner Erich Gonzales. That led to his entry to showbiz, too, as he became a contract artist of Star Magic. He appeared in mostly ABS-CBN programs.

In 2018, he transferred to Cornerstone Entertainment. However, when work became scarce this pandemic, Villaflor opted to move to Viva and signed up a management contract with Viva Artists Agency (VAA).

“To me, as long as it’s work, there’s no problem with that,” allowed Villaflor. “As long as it’s a new opportunity for me, new door, I’m happy and excited to work with them.”

Villaflor believes in good timing. “I hope everything will be put into place with everything we planned about. In between those struggles, I opened a new salon in Tarlac. I also have my real estate business.

“I guess let’s be thankful that we are alive. Let us be grateful everyday when we wake up. No one was ready for this trial that came into our life.”

Villaflor is simply grateful to Viva who listened to him. “Viva is very collaborative when it comes to brainstorming and stories for their new platform,” he said. “I’m excited and at the same time nervous. For me, this is a new avenue when it comes to acting.”

Working in a new company, Villaflor is thankful that he is back to acting. “I still have a job. I get to meet people who are able to help me and my career. I feel blessed. This pandemic became a real test for all of us. We should be always ready to fight.”

Since Viva is known for its sexy flicks through its streaming platform, Vivamax, Villaflor is ready to join the bandwagon. In 2018, he already did a daring butt exposure in Rod Singh’s sexy comedy, “Mamu: And A Mother, Too.”

This time, Villaflor did not set limitations for himself. “I’m more into the story,” he said. “If the story needs it. If the scene is necessary, I guess this is the progress from ‘Mamu,’ going into Viva. I’m ready to work with them.”

His first project with Viva is director Mac Alejandre’s eight-part drama series, “‘Wag Mong Agawin ang Akin,” where he did intense love scenes and dramatic scenes. He works with Jamilla Obispo, Angeli Khang, Felix Roco, Josef Elizalde and Yayo Aguila.

However, Villaflor cannot just give his nod to frontal nudity. “Sexy, yes, but I don’t think I can do frontal nudity. I already laid my cards. So, you can expect that my projects with Viva will be intense. I’m praying na maging smooth and sunod-sunod ang work.”

The actor is starting to write scripts, too. He finished the intro, mid-way and ending for one. “I have yet to complete it,” he said. “Even if I don’t act, I get to submit stories to Viva. Who knows, they will also get to like the script. I want to work with the writers.”

He is simply overwhelmed with the opportunities that await him at Viva, with its streaming platform Vivamax that regularly churns out series and films.

“I don’t want to waste anything,” Villaflor said. “I’m thankful to Viva for welcoming me with all their heart and welcoming me into the family.”

This August, Villaflor is set to work on another series. He is looking forward to doing action films, as well as dramatic projects for Viva.

The actor wants to work with the likes of John Lloyd Cruz, Anne Curtis, Bela Padilla, sexy star Christine Bermas, Khang and Obispo again.

“I’m excited to work with all of them,” Villaflor said. “I hope I can work with all of them in nice projects for Viva. I’m not getting any younger. I’m 32. I’m excited with all the projects that will be lined up for me.”

This pandemic allowed Villaflor to spend time with his family, loved ones and he had the time to rest. “But resting became critical for me because I really wanted to work. I’m now happy that I’m working again and it’s good to be back.”

One important thing that keeps Villaflor motivated is his family. “If they are not around, perhaps it’s possible that I will not be focused on my goals. It’s possible that my dreams will also disappear.

“It’s better to have those people behind you. They are willing to support without judgement. It’s good to have a nice relationship with all of them.”

Villaflor briefly talks about his non-showbiz girlfriend of two years, Camille Buenaventura, who is very supportive to his career. “She has no problem with my work. I’m grateful to have a partner who’s very supportive.”

Acting is second skin to Villaflor. “It cannot be taken away from me,” he stressed. “I am very willing to work. I don’t want to stop. I always want to work. I always tell myself to never stop dreaming. Never stop working. Keep yourself motivated always.

“Let’s be thankful for small things. Let’s be strong. Let’s have faith. Talk to your loved ones so you will not be sad. Just work. Don’t mind the negative things around you. I don’t think those things will disappear. It’s just how you handle them.”

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