Split with Jake 'most painful,' admits Andi


Posted at Aug 11 2016 09:10 PM


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MANILA - For actress Andi Eigenmann, her breakup with on again, off again boyfriend Jake Ejercito has been the "most painful." 

In a press conference for the upcoming film "Camp Sawi," which she co-stars, Eigenmann admitted that she felt devastated following their split. 

"Because for a long time, everything that you wanted to do or achieve in life had him as a big part of it. And then, taking him out of the situation, it was after the phase of being heartbroken and I felt like life had no meaning anymore because he's gone," she explained. 

But Eigenmann said that she became a better person because of their failed relationship. She reasoned that her time away from Ejercito allowed her to find herself and realize her dreams. 

"Getting out of it, now I know that the number one thing that I have to keep is who I am as a person and who I want to become," she said. 

In an interview with ABS-CBN News last month, Eigenmann revealed that she has moved on from Ejercito and is now dating a non-showbiz guy, whom she refused to identify for privacy reasons. 

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In January, Eigenmann was rumored to have gotten back with the actor after fans speculated that she took a vacation with Ejercito in Thailand. The two were also spotted in Cebu with friends. 

A report from PEP, however, noticed a few Twitter posts, which has since been deleted, from Eigenmann in March where she appeared to take shots at Ejercito.

The entertainment website speculated that Eigenmann was referring to Ejercito when she wrote on her personal account: "We aren't even friends. We are nothings."

But despite their tumultuous relationship, Eigenmann considers Ejercito to be the closest "father" figure to her daughter, Ellie. 

"Camp Sawi," billed as a sexy, romantic drama, tells the story of five heartbroken women who are all trying to forget about their ex-boyfriends. It also stars Bela Padilla, Yassi Pressman, Arci Muñoz, and Sam Milby.