Frankie Pangilinan goes viral again, this time for ‘chicken McDo’ rant


Posted at Aug 10 2020 08:22 PM

Frankie Pangilinan’s months-old rant about McDonald’s menu in the US inspired TikTok videos over the weekend. Twitter: @rainmatienzo, @japhethreside

MANILA — Frankie Pangilinan has gone viral again on social media, this time for a months-old “chicken McDo” rant that’s inspired a new TikTok trend.

Pangilinan, who in June led the anti-rape campaign #HijaAko on Twitter, became a trend anew over the weekend but for the lighter issue of chicken not being on the menu of McDonald’s in the US.

The video of her nearly breathless rant was originally posted on Twitter by her mother, music veteran Sharon Cuneta, in December 2019. At the time, Frankie had just returned home for the holidays from her studies in New York.

Pangilinan, who happened to be a McDonald’s endorser with Cuneta when she was a child, complained about the “disrespect” of the fast food chain not offering chicken in the US.

“They don’t make chicken at all! That’s your best dish! They have the most basic McDonald’s ever,” she said, prompting audible laughter from Cuneta.

Re-posting the clip on July 30, Pangilinan observed, in jest, that she “spoke more words in this video than I have the entirety of self-isolation,” referring to the pandemic quarantine.

“I’ve never been more irritated at myself,” she added.

Then, on Sunday, Twitter user @japethreside shared his TikTok video showing him reciting the entirety of Pangilinan’s rant, synchronized with the actual video playing on a laptop. It quickly went viral on Twitter, fetching over 16,000 likes, as of writing.

“Gold,” Pangilinan replied. “Wait, I’m choking, this is the best thing!”

The TikTok recreation spurred similar efforts, with user @rainmatienzo’s take also making the rounds on Twitter and reaching Pangilinan.

“The fit and everything,” Pangilinan said, referring to the woman’s matching sweater as hers in the video.

Pangilinan, 19, has become an emerging voice on Twitter, with her outspoken criticism of the Duterte administration, as well as her personal anecdotes involving her superstar-mom, and her father, opposition senator Francis Pangilinan.