For Claudine, Gretchen is the ‘fairest of them all’


Posted at Aug 10 2019 02:14 AM | Updated as of Aug 10 2019 07:19 AM

For Claudine Barretto, there's no argument: her sister, Gretchen, is the "fairest of them all."

As seen on Instagram, the two got together last week and Claudine brought along a little (but definitely eye-catching) gift for her now-favorite sibling: a sparkly mirror. 

Gretchen's first reaction? To lift it to see herself and ask: "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?" 

Now the mirror itself did not answer the question, but Claudine was more than willing to take this one. "My sister!" she shouted. 

In a way, this gift of hers and the subsequent post about it could be seen as a reflection of how much things have turned around for them -- from almost no photos together, to becoming nearly inseparable. 

With each gushing caption since they patched things up earlier this year, it gets more and more difficult to imagine the sisters feuded at one point. 

"Shout out to my ate who I love so much," she wrote. "No matter how busy she is and I call coz i need a hug or I'm craving for something she will really give me what I want." 

"She's super woman to me. I love you so much. Thank you for loving me," Claudine added. 

It was only last March when the two first revealed that they ended their bitter feud with just a simple hug. 

Their feud began in 2013 because Gretchen shared allegations about Claudine's mental health and drug problems.