ICYMI: 'Wildflower' black wedding ends in chaos, revelations


Posted at Aug 10 2017 10:20 PM

MANILA -- Explosions, gunshots, and much-awaited revelations ruined the highly publicized wedding of Ivy (Maja Salvador) and Arnaldo (RK Bagatsing) on "Wildflower" Thursday. 

The ceremony, which was even livestreamed to the whole town of Ardiente, was interrupted before the couple exchanged "I dos." A bomb exploded outside the church as Diego (Joseph Marco) ran to the altar, all sweaty and panting. 

"Itigil ang kasal!" he screamed. 

Following Diego's unexpected appearance, a video showing a compilation of the different crimes committed by the town's most influential family, the Ardientes, entered the livestream. 

While most of these crimes were committed by the Ardiente patriarch Julio (Tirso Cruz III), Ivy's own groom, Arnaldo, was responsible for one of the biggest horrors -- the murder of Ivy's foster mother, Carlota (Ana Abad Santos). 

In the middle of the commotion, a group of activists attacked the church to avenge the death of their leader's child, which was also perpetuated by the Ardientes. A group of armed soldiers tried to stop them, but they were obviously outnumbered. 

Arnaldo, who was overcame by guilt, began blaming Diego for ruining his wedding day. The whole town now knows of his crimes. But what he couldn't accept is that the woman he loves the most hates him now, more than ever. 

Meanwhile, apart from the town of Ardiente, the whole country also witnessed the dramatic and chaotic end of the Ivy-Arnaldo wedding. Netizens shared their reactions on Twitter with most of them lauding the performances of the actors, as well as the well-thought-of plot twist. 

Apart from the huge attention "Wildflower" has been garnering on social media, the show has also won in the ratings game. Its episode on Wednesday recorded an all-time high national TV rating of 28%, catapulting it to the 4th spot in the list of most watched TV programs by Kantar Media. 


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