Sunshine Dizon faces husband's alleged mistress in court


Posted at Aug 10 2016 06:11 PM

MANILA - Sunshine Dizon faced the alleged mistress of her husband for the first time since identifying her through social media.

Dizon met with her husband Timothy Tan and the woman, whom she named as Clarisma Sison, at a Quezon City Regional Trial Court Wednesday afternoon for a hearing on the raps she filed for violation of the Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act of 2004 as well as concubinage.

"Bilang tao, masakit," admitted Dizon, who earlier refused to grant Tan an annulment explaining that he should "pay" for cheating on her, when asked about the meeting. "Nanay ako eh. I'm getting emotional because of the pain that they caused my children."

The former child star added: "[Hindi na ito tungkol sa akin] kasi kaya ko naman. Pero iyong sakit na dinaanan ng mga anak ko, iyan ang walang kapatawaran."

"But if she [Sison] is thinking that I will do something here, an eksena or whatever, no, I will not do that to her. She's too low and I will not dignify her with anything. Baka ibang tao ay nasampal siya pero ako, hindi ko papadapuin iyong kamay ko kasi baka madumihan."

Dizon refused to comment on whether she will be open to a settlement with Tan and Sison.

The actress, however, did respond positively to suggestions to grant Tan visitation rights as a parent.

"He will always be the father of my children but forgiveness? That is something I don't know pa. Diyos na lang ang bahala sa kanya," she said.

Tan, who has yet to file a counter-affidavit due to "developments between the two parties," did not speak to reporters following the hearing. His lawyer, however, said that their camp is hopeful that a settlement with Dizon will be reached.

Sison, who is similarly tight-lipped, had no comment about her meeting with Dizon, and to allegations of her being a "homewrecker."