‘Abang-abang sa reply ni Bea’? Vice Ganda’s casual mention of controversy leaves Anne, Vhong speechless


Posted at Aug 07 2019 07:40 PM

Anne Curtis and Vhong Navarro react to Vice Ganda casually mentioning the controversy involving Bea Alonzo in the August 7 episode of ‘It’s Showtime.’ ABS-CBN

MANILA — Vice Ganda’s brand of comedy has always drawn from current events, both political and showbiz-related — and the controversy involving fellow ABS-CBN stars Bea Alonzo, Julia Barretto, and Gerald Anderson was no exception.

In the August 7 episode of “It’s Showtime,” Vice Ganda alluded to the issue numerous times during the “BidaMan” segment.

In its opening minutes, the comedy superstar invited viewers to “concentrate” on the grand finals week for now, instead of waiting for Alonzo’s response to Barretto’s statement the previous day.

“Tigil muna ang abang-abang sa reply ni Bea. Dito muna tayo. Hindi ‘yung isang buong gabi, nag-aabang kayo ng reply na ang daming napuyat,” he said, laughing.

Vice Ganda was referring to an Instagram post from Barretto where she accused Alonzo of “bullying,” in light of the latter liking posts alleging that Barretto has been having an affair with Anderson.


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A portion of Barretto’s statement addressing Alonzo went: “You can play the victim all you want, but I refuse to be your victim.”

That line apparently inspired Vice Ganda’s quip in an impromptu dramatic exchange with Wize, one of the “BidaMan” finalists, about discontinuing a relationship.

“Lagi kang ganyan, pa-victim ka,” he told Wize. “I don’t care if you choose to be the victim, but I will never be your victim.”

Later in the segment, when the hosts announced that the official hashtag of the episode that day led trending topics on Twitter, Vice Ganda once again mentioned the personalities involved in the controversy.

“Tayo na ang trending! Kasi kagabi, ‘Bea,’ ‘Julia,’ ‘Gerald’ — iyon ang mga trending. So naiba na. Pasensya na muna, ha. Kami raw muna ang trending,” he said.

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In the past weeks since Alonzo revealed that Anderson had not accorded her a formal breakup, Vice Ganda has repeatedly used the term “ghosting” in his comedy skits on the “It’s Showtime.”

He made a similar reference in interviewing another finalist, JR, who he met for the first time. Vice Ganda joked that was the case because their past romance had a bitter end. “I just stopped talking to him,” Vice Ganda said, echoing Alonzo’s past interview.

“Ghosting” was a more serious topic in the August 6 episode of”It’s Showtime,” when Vice Ganda grilled contestant MJ on his past relationship. MJ said he had left his fiancée without saying goodbye.

Noting MJ’s tone, which Vice Ganda described as without remorse, the comedian said: “Kaya namin ginagawa ‘to, we are preparing you actually. Imagine mo, si Gerald at si Bea, in-ininterview si Gerald, ta’s ganyan sumagot, sa palagay mo may manonood pa ng pelikula ni Gerald?”

Vice Ganda’s mention of Anderson as an example came a day after the actor finally faced the press to address his breakup with Alonzo.