How 'Bridges of Love' finale unfolded

Rhys Buccat,

Posted at Aug 08 2015 01:33 AM | Updated as of Aug 08 2015 06:41 PM

MANILA -- The finale of top-rating prime time series "Bridges of Love" started with guns and tears.

Lorenzo (Edu Manzano) asked Mia (Maja Salvador) to come with him, as he tries to convince her that he will bring her to Carlos (Paulo Avelino).

Mia was unaware that Lorenzo was hiding a gun behind his back.

Lorenzo called Gael (Jericho Rosales), telling him to meet them inside an abandoned building.

When Mia finally realized Lorenzo's scheme, she jumped off the moving car.

Despite the pain, Mia ran for her life and ended up hiding inside an abandoned building.

Lorenzo followed her.

With death chasing her, Mia tried her best to hide. Lorenzo didn't easily give up, though. He continued to follow Mia, and eventually caught up.

Gael finally arrived but it was too late because Lorenzo already had gun pointed at Mia.

Things changed when Carlos arrived. He tried to stop Lorenzo, his foster dad, from shooting Mia.

Carlos finally realizing that he was the one who killed his best friend, Moloy.

Lorenzo pointed the gun straight at Mia. As he pulled the trigger, Gael and Carlos both ran to save Mia from death.

Mia was saved. But Carlos and Gael were both wounded.

"Kailangan nating makaalis dito. Marami pa tayong gagawin 'di ba? Kakain pa tayo ng tira-tira. Magpapatayo pa tayo ng maraming bahay, ng building, ng tulay," Carlos told Gael who was gasping for his last breath.

Tira-tira was a candy stick that Gael used to give Carlos when they were little.

In the end, it was Lorenzo who asked Mia to call the police and arrest him.


While inside jail, Lorenzo received a letter from his former wife Alexa (Carmina Villaroel). Alexa revealed that she is pregnant. She promised Lorenzo that she will not deny him of his right to their child.

Carlos, on the other hand, reconciled with Manuel (Lito Pimentel), his father, who used to abuse him and Gael when they were still little.

"Alam ko hindi magiging madali para sa ating dalawa. Ako ang sugat mo na hindi madaling maghilom. Anak patawarin mo na ako," Manuel said.

Carlos replied, "Tignan niyo po ako ngayon, kung ano yong pinaka kinamumuhian ko sa inyo 'yon iyong naging ako. Mas malala pa nga."

Recalling how Marilen (Maureen Mauricio), Mia, and Gael forgave him after all his evil deeds, Carlos finally forgave his father.


Carlos also had a chance to talk privately with Mia.

"I know I promised the sunrise and sunsets with you for the rest of our lives. Pero hindi pala 'yon sapat. Sa takot ko na mawala ka, tinuring kitang pagmamay-ari," Carlos said.

Mia replied, saying that she will never regret having Gael and Carlos in her life.

"Tinanong ko nga eh. Bakit kailangang kayong magkapatid pa 'yong magmahal sa akin, kung bakit kayong dalawa 'yong dapat kong mahalin. Pero nalaman ko rin 'yong sagot--para itulay kayong dalawa sa isa't isa," Mia said.

After years of being lost, Carlos finally came home to his family. Carlos took Gael's wallet, and removed his old picture that Gael has been keeping since they were little.

"Hindi mo na kailangan 'to. Dahil nandito na ako, Kuya," Carlos told his brother.

Bridges of love is a tale about two brothers who were bound by their dreams and promises, but were separated by a tragedy.

Growing up in two different environments and circumstances, the brother had different views in life.

A club dancer bridged them back together, not as brothers, but as strangers who both wanted to win her heart.