Is Assunta de Rossi expecting a baby girl?


Posted at Aug 04 2020 11:18 AM

MANILA -- Assunta de Rossi on Sunday took to social media to give an update on her pregnancy as she posted a photo of her baby's congenital anomaly scan. 

In the caption, de Rossi, who is on her sixth month, called her baby "coccolina." 


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"Still less than 2 weeks before I enter my 3rd trimester. Hang in there, coccolina (Italian for 'the cuddly one')! This is a snap from my congenital anomaly scan, and I couldn’t be more grateful that everything’s good and normal and I pray it stays that way," she wrote.

"For now, I’m gonna call her by her nickname, Fiore (Italian for flower)," she added.

It was only in May when de Rossi revealed that she's expecting a "miracle" baby.

De Rossi married Jules Ledesma in civil rites at his hometown in San Carlos City in December 2002.