Bianca King recalls ‘horrifying’ joint surgery


Posted at Aug 03 2022 06:22 PM

Photos from Bianca King's Instagram account
Photos from Bianca King's Instagram account

Bianca King bravely shared her recovery journey after undergoing shoulder surgery last year. 

On Instagram, King shared to her friends and fans a glimpse of her workout, a fresh restart after her “horrifying experience.”

According to her, she underwent a biceps tenodesis to fix a dislocated shoulder that was causing her daily pain. 

King also revealed that she was “misdiagnosed in the Philippines” with a rotator cuff tear. Apparently, when she did another MRI in Sydney, Australia a new diagnosis was given to her.

“Luckily I did another MRI in Sydney and the diagnosis was joint instability and a split in my biceps anchor with calcific tendonitis. Inflammation and pain caused by the loose shoulder,” she said.

King narrated that her right arm had muscle atrophy and had no strength to even lift a pot. It took her six months of physiotherapy to mobilize the stiff shoulder.

“Our consistent workouts helped me to feel strong all over, with my shoulder 90% back to normal and my entire build looking more toned than ever. All in the comfort of my own home with minimal equipment,” King added. 

She also admitted that she was in so much pain after the surgery that she needed to sleep on a stack of pillows for three months. 

“I was depressed being isolated at home during the peak of the pandemic, not being able to bathe myself properly or cook my own food, mostly laying in bed feeling down and crying to my friends on the phone,” she bared.

She also stopped doing yoga for over a year to heal her injury.

But now, she feels “almost back to normal,” as she thanked her husband who took care of her during the early part of her recovery. 

King moved to Sydney and married Ralph Wintle in 2021. Ralph is the brother of Ben Wintle, husband of actress Iza Calzado.