WATCH: ‘Kilig,’ tears in first trailer of ‘Boy Foretold by the Stars’ sequel


Posted at Aug 03 2021 09:02 PM

WATCH: ‘Kilig,’ tears in first trailer of ‘Boy Foretold by the Stars’ sequel 1
Keann Johnson and Adrian Lindayag star as Luke and Dominic in ‘Love Beneath the Stars.’ iWantTFC

MANILA — Glimpses of “kilig” are soon replaced with tears, in the first trailer of the limited series “Love Beneath the Stars,” the sequel to the hit BL movie “The Boy Foretold by the Stars.”

In the trailer released by iWantTFC on Tuesday, Dominic (Adrian Lindayag) and Luke (Keann Johnson) are shown making their relationship official, and braving the judgment of their peers in high school.

The conservative leanings of their school, however, make a “scandal” out of the two boys kissing at prom.

While Luke has the support of his mother (Nikki Valdez), Dominic’s parents (Agot Isidro and Romnick Sarmienta) express disappointment in their son for drawing controversy.

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The pressures from both their Catholic school, Dominic’s parents, plus the complication of Dominic’s deepening friendship with another student, drive a wedge between the couple.

In a scene mirroring a pivotal moment in the original film, Luke hugs Dominic from behind, no longer to confess his love, but to beg him to say he loves him still.

Written and directd by Dolly Dulu, “Love Beneath the Stars” will premiere on iWantTFC on August 16, with new episodes released every Monday.

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