KC Concepion goes apartment hunting in California


Posted at Aug 02 2021 01:05 PM

MANILA – It has been more than a month since KC Concepcion flew to the United States after not going on any international trip for over a year due to the pandemic. 

And it seems like she’s not coming back home to the Philippines anytime soon.

This after she revealed on Instagram that she is currently looking to rent an apartment in West Hollywood, California.

“Apartment hunting, staying longer,” she simply wrote in the caption.

In the comments section, Concepcion added: “Do you have a place I can move to in 5 days time? I mean 3 days, weekend counted. Lol.”

Concepcion flew to the US last June where she has been spending time with her family, friends and some me-time.

Last July 4, Concepcion shared that the US “seems to have ironically emerged as one of the safest places to be (pandemic wise) in these challenging times.”

“I have a refreshed admiration for the way this country is able to bounce back from adversity,” she sadi. “Missing my home, Churro & Chica, fam and friends in the Philippines. But also grateful for whatever I have in front of me here.”

In another post last July 12, Concepcion marveled at how “mundane things can feel leisurely again” as she went grocery shopping.

“Going to the grocery here in America feels bittersweet because for so long throughout this pandemic, many of us avoided crowded areas, supermarkets, shops. Memories of panic buying keep flashing back!!! Thankful that mundane things can feel leisurely again, rather than a survival activity or life-or-death thing,” she said.

“Things are back to ‘normal’ here, with precautions here & there. But being able to move around calmly + freely is something I’ll never ever take for granted.”

As of writing, Concepcion has not shared when she plans to return to the Philippines.