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Chris Renfro on starring in LGBTQ+ shows 'Queer As Folk,' 'Tom Swift'

Yong Chavez | TFC News Hollywood

Posted at Aug 01 2022 08:35 PM

Chris Renfro at the Queer As Folk world premiere. Courtesy: Peacock 'Queer As Folk'
Peacock "Queer As Folk"

When Chris Renfro was cast in 'Queer As Folk' in the reimagining of the groundbreaking British drama series as the fun-loving character Daddius Miller, in a personal way, the actor felt like they have finally made it.

"It means everything to me. I watched this show in my bedroom, in quiet, the door closed and the volume turned all the way down, and just watching it really close. So when this audition came, I said, 'Oh, my gosh. This feels like a full circle moment.'" Renfro shared.

"I still remember those moments when younger Chris would be there in my room, embarrassed, and almost shamed that I was watching this. It felt meant-to-be from the moment I got it. And so when I saw at the premiere, that was the first time I had listened to an episode of ‘Queer As Folk’ with the volume on."

Chris Renfro in Queer As Folk. Courtesy: Peacock 'Queer As Folk'
Peacock "Queer As Folk"

Renfro's mother is Filipino. Her extended family was a constant presence in the actor's life while growing up in Southern California. Back then, Renfro was still grappling with the challenges of being a mixed-race queer person.

"I did grow up in a very accepting family. My dad's twin brother is gay but even so, even with that, you see how people talk about queer people in the media, and you see how your friends talk about queer people growing up, and even your friends’ parents growing up. How they talked about, just the little comments. And those add up and they become a weight on your shoulders, keeping you from standing up straight with your shoulders back, and saying, 'this is who I am," Renfro admitted.

Chris Renfro. Courtesy: Peacock 'Queer As Folk'
Peacock "Queer As Folk"

"So even if I grew up in this accepting household, it was everyone else that I was scared of. So I felt shame and I felt scared to be who I was. And it took a really long time to take that weight off, and I'm still working on that today."

Renfro also stars as Quinn in another series that proudly celebrates LGBTQ+ characters and stories, the CW series 'Tom Swift.'

"For so long I haven't been able to get anywhere in in Hollywood, you know, like not being seen as one thing or another, so to be able to go straight from 'Queer as Folk' to 'Tom Swift,' I just feel so privileged. It feels so cool."

Chris Renfro as Daddius Miller. Courtesy: Peacock 'Queer As Folk'
Peacock "Queer As Folk"

'Queer As Folk' premiered on Peacock in June.

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