‘Kinilabutan ako’: Did Judy Ann just play 4 characters in single ‘Probinsyano’ episode?


Posted at Aug 01 2019 11:36 PM

Judy Ann Santos switches, in a snap, from a lustful admirer of Cardo to a violent ‘Kuya’ bent on killing the cop in a single scene in ‘Ang Probinsyano.’ ABS-CBN/Dreamscape Entertainment Television

MANILA — “Creepy” was a common reaction among viewers of “Ang Probinsyano” on Thursday night, as a debuting Judy Ann Santos appeared to switch characters several times, including a suspected serial killer, in her first full episode as a guest star of the primetime series.

Jane, as Santos was initially introduced, was rescued by Cardo (Coco Martin) when the latter shot dead a foreigner who was chasing her with a knife on the street. The hero cop then assisted Jane in filing a police report, in which she claimed the suspect had kidnapped and kept her in a motel, before she managed to escape.

Cardo’s encounter with Jane on the street seemed by chance, but later scenes of her alone at home cast doubt not only on her intentions, but her identity.

The softspoken Jane, who appeared fearful and wary in her first meeting with Cardo, had a sudden switch in demeanor. Seeing a photo of Cardo on the newspaper, she was now a lustful, scheming admirer with a plan of luring her rescuer to her home.

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Tidying her space in anticipation of a tryst with Cardo, she caught sight of a doll which then prompted a change in her expressions and her voice. She groomed the doll, and in a childlike manner told her playmate of “Kuya Cardo,” her superhero.

A fourth character, or personality, surfaced when she accidentally hit a head wound she had sustained in the earlier struggle. This time, she turned violent, hurling the doll across the room. Calling herself “Kuya,” she warned the others that Cardo is like any other man and that he, too, would take advantage of them.

Waking up, apparently as Jane, she resolved to stop Kuya, whom she blamed vaguely for killings. The first hint of her involvement, as shown earlier in the episode, was a facial composite for a murder case that resembled her.

“Hindi ko na naman napigilan si Kuya. Kailangan matapos na ‘to,” she said as she looked in the mirror. “Ilang beses na siyang pumapatay. Mapapahamak lang kami. Hindi na dapat siya masunod. Ako na ang masusunod.”

To fans who tuned in Thursday night, the successive character changes of Santos were a reminder of why she is dubbed local showbiz’s “Teleserye Queen,” as well as her longevity in the industry.

“Ay, kaloka! Nakakatakot ‘yung role ni Judy Ann,” one viewer tweeted. “Kinilabutan ako du’n. Parang may something siya. Ang creepy lang!”

“Pabago-bago po ang isip niya! Ang galing din po talaga ng pagkakaganap ng nag-iisang Reyna ng Teleserye! Nagagampanan niya po ang bawat character niya!” said another.

Another follower, meanwhile, lauded the program for being “for introducing a character with split personality disorder in Jane’s role.”

“At grabe, ang galing ni Juday!” the comment added. “I knew hindi siya bibigyan ng puchu-puchung role lang. Nakaka-excite.”