'PBB': With one touch, Elisse recognizes Jerome's hands


Posted at Aug 02 2016 02:12 AM

MANILA – Eager to make up for his mistakes, young actor Jerome Ponce would do everything to talk to his ex-girlfriend Elisse Joson.

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On the Monday episode of "Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Lucky 7," Ponce has entered the "PBB" house, but was not allowed to meet the female housemates just yet.

With the help of other male housemates, he hid himself at the boy's bedroom. This, of course, entailed a lot of challenges. But, thankfully, Hashtags member and "PBB" housemate Mccoy De Leon was there to accommodate his basic needs -- food, water and toilet.

Despite these challenges, Ponce was able to get through the day. He entertained himself by peeping through the door, watching the housemates interact. He also witnessed how the housemates teased Joson with De Leon, who now have a love team called "McLisse."

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On his second day at the "PBB" house, Ponce was asked by Big Brother to proceed to the confession room where he was joined by teen housemate JK Labajo.

One by one, the female housemates were asked to enter the room. First was Yassi Pressman, followed by Jinri Park, then Joson. Both Pressman and Park easily recognized Labajo by touching his hands and hair.

But when Joson had her turn, she first touched Ponce by the hand. She held it for a moment. Then, there was an awkward silence in the room. Big Brother asked her whose hands she touched. And without a second thought, she said: "Parang si Jerome po."

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Ponce and Joson were former lovers, who parted ways because the latter had to hide their relationship for his career.

Here are some of the reactions from netizens who watched the episode: