Sofia Andres recalls how her parents didn’t approve at first of BF Daniel Miranda


Posted at Jul 31 2020 12:03 AM


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MANILA -- Sofia Andres revealed that her family didn't approve of her boyfriend, Daniel Miranda, at first.

The actress, 21, in a vlog, said Miranda's "chickboy" looks were a problem for her father, and that she actually had to hide their dates at the beginning of their relationship.

"Tumatakas ako ng bahay," Andres recalled in the video, which also featured Miranda. "Bawal kami magkita nito before, as in bawal."

She added that among the few times they would see each other in person was when Miranda would drop by her home in Antipolo at around 3 a.m. for a couple of minutes just to say hi.

How they kept in contact was through texts and secret calls.


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According to Andres, she quickly fell in love with Miranda after they first met at a club in Taguig back in 2017.

She noted that Miranda left an impression on her when he offered her water to drink instead of alcohol, and with the way he stuck with her throughout the night after asking for a photo.

"Sabi ko, 'This guy is cute, but he's kinda weird in a way.' But he stayed with me all along," she said.

That persistence carried over the day after that when Miranda texted her and asked if she remembered him. What followed was a month of exchanging texts and calls, leading to them dating.

"Until now, we're being so in love," Andres said.

You can watch the vlog in full below:

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Also in the vlog, Andres and Miranda talked about their time living "alone" in Australia for six months, and how Andres' perspective in life changed after her experience with pregnancy and giving birth.

It was last month when Andres first made public her relationship with Miranda, along with the reveal that they already have a child, a healthy baby daughter named Zoe.