WATCH: Lotlot de Leon talks to daughter Janine about Rayver Cruz


Posted at Jul 30 2020 12:08 PM

MANILA – Janine Gutierrez played “truth or drink” with her mom Lotlot de Leon where they talked about a lot of things including her relationship with actor Rayver Cruz.

For the said game, Gutierrez’s siblings Diego and Maxine prepared various drinks which they have to finish if they refuse to answer any of the questions they wrote for them.

Among the things Gutierrez had to answer was why she took so long to say “yes” to Cruz when he asked him to be his girlfriend.

“Because I didn’t want a boyfriend. I wanted to be single then. I said kasi I was gonna be single for a year. I really wanted to do that. Technically, yes [I did that] but Rayver would just not go away,” she said.

De Leon, for her part, was asked if she’s happy that Gutierrez does not have kids yet.

“Not naman that I'm happy you don't have kids yet. I'm happy that you know what you want in life. I'm happy that you have direction. I'm happy that you're fulfilling your dreams and that you're living your life the best way you want,” she said.

According to Gutierrez, her mom would always tell her when she was younger to take her time and have kids when she is older and she really took it to heart.

Agreeing with what her daughter just shared, de Leon said: “I prayed for that. I prayed not only for you but for your siblings as well that lahat kayo makatapos. Lahat kayo will be able to do what you want first in life before really settling down. And to be really ready.”

Nonetheless, de Leon said she is hoping for some grandkids in the future.

Watch Gutierrez’s whole vlog with de Leon below.

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