WATCH: Ben&Ben drops surprise 'Lifetime' music video


Posted at Jul 29 2020 05:35 PM

MANILA — It was late night Tuesday when Ben&Ben asked their fans on Twitter if they would watch a music video for their song “Lifetimes” if they were to release one, prompting an overwhelming positive response and questions about when it’ll drop so that people could prepare emotionally for it.

Though as it turned out, the band had already made one, leaving those who were excited for it with just a few minutes to ready themselves for the inevitable hurt. 

The song is based around a fan’s heartbreaking story of untold love between her and her best friend, and the music video decided to mirror this through a man and his painting of a woman.

It was difficult to determine whether the woman he drew was just a figment of his imagination or was based on a real person whom he deeply loved, but it was easy to understand the man’s longing. 

You can watch the full music video below: 

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The music video for “Lifetime” starred Patricio Villalobos and Marina Domingues, with written and direction from Raymond Dacones and Trina Razon. 

It came just a few days after the band recorded an extended version of the song for the MYX Music Awards, which they made available on Facebook. 


“Lifetime” was a song Ben&Ben wrote after being inspired by a random comment on one of their old music videos. 

As the story goes, the woman has been in love with her best friend since they were in high school. She wasn't able to tell him then, deciding to "bury" her feelings, afraid that they'll lose their friendship. Fast forward eight years later and she's attending his wedding, as a guest.