Nikki Gil: Staying a virgin is my choice


Posted at Jul 30 2014 12:33 AM | Updated as of Oct 18 2016 06:28 PM

MANILA - A year after her controversial breakup with singer-host Billy Crawford, and despite being supposedly "made fun of," Nikki Gil said she stands by her decision to not have sex until after she gets married.

In a live interview on "Aquino & Abunda Tonight," the 26-year-old actress and singer was asked to react to people describing her new relationship with a non-showbiz man as a "rebound" following her separation from Crawford, her past boyfriend of 5 years.

"That's unfair. I know myself. I know what I want. Alam ko naman pag... nag-isip ako," Gil said.

Despite openly admitting that she is dating, Gil has kept mum on the identity of the man she is now seeing. In interviews, the "Hawak Kamay" actress is careful not to give details about the man's background.

"I think people have warned him," Gil said, when asked if her date is prepared to handle the intrigues of being involved with a showbiz personality. "I didn't have to. I mean, I made sure he knew what he was getting into, just dating."

She noted that the man has an uncle in showbiz, and would be familiar with how the industry works where personal relationships are concerned.


Gil answered "Yes" when asked by co-host Kris Aquino whether she has told her date about her preference not to have sex until marriage, which has been speculated as one of the reasons behind her breakup with Crawford.

"I think everyone knows and have made fun of it!" Gil said, laughing.

In a tell-all interview in December, Gil openly talked about her decision about not having sex being a possible factor in her failed relationship.

"O, sige, 'yan na ang kapintasan ko!" she said at the time. "Peope have said, 'Eh, kasi, lalaki. May pangangailangan.' My point exactly! See? Kung 'yan lang pala ang issue, [he didn't really deserve me]. Nobody told me to stay a virgin, or because I'm a stuck-up prude na holy-holy. It's my choice."

"I've always been ma-pride. If sex is something I value, [gano'n talaga]!"

Asked on Tuesday if this value sill stands, Gil readily answered: "Yes."