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Fil-Ams proud to feel representation in Jo Koy's 'Easter Sunday'

Steve Angeles | TFC News Hollywood, California

Posted at Jul 27 2022 04:16 PM

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Filipino Americans and cast members flocked to the Gold House and CAPE preview of the highly anticipated film 'Easter Sunday,' starring acclaimed comedian Jo Koy.

Some 600 people packed the TCL Theater to celebrate the first major Hollywood film that centers around a Filipino family.

"This was a dream come true and this movie, when I see it, it’s like finally our voices are being heard and not just Filipinos but everyone," Jo Koy said.

The Steven Spielberg-produced comedy centers around a Hollywood entertainer played by Jo Koy. When returns to his Northern California hometown of Daly City, his Filipino family gets him into all sorts of situations and trouble.

Fil-Ams expressed how proud they are to see such Filipino representation in Hollywood.

"It's really important for our young folks to see themselves on screen. It's fun, celebratory, joyous so I’m just really happy were in this place where Filipinos get a voice," Kimmy Maniquis of the nonprofit Search To Involve Pilipino Americans noted.

Actor and content creator Mary Grant also asserted, "this is an incredible feat for us in the community, to see our people and faces on the big screen."

The Hollywood screening was followed by a panel discussion moderated by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas. It featured cast members and veteran actors Lou Diamond Phillips and Tia Carrere. The two talked about what this movie means for Filipino representation, an issue they had dealt with in Hollywood for much of their careers.

"For Tia and I, it's been 40 years and coming. We're in a place where we can own our own power; we can own our own voice and we can put it out there, and if that empowers and passes the torch to other young actors, writers, filmmakers, that's why this film is more important. That is what makes it a cultural touchstone," Phillips said.

Jo Koy's first feature film will hit US theaters beginning August 5th and will also be screened in other parts of the world including the Philippines.