What attracted Bela Padilla to her Swiss boyfriend


Posted at Jul 27 2021 11:39 AM | Updated as of Jul 27 2021 11:51 AM

MANILA –- Bela Padilla opened up about her relationship with her Swiss boyfriend Norman Bay, calling him her “little pond of information.”

In an interview with G3 San Diego for her #LiveWithG3 YouTube series, Padilla said she first met Bay while working on the movie “Meet Me in St. Gallen” in Switzerland.

“He was studying in the University in St. Gallen. The University in St. Gallen focuses mostly on business-related courses. He was doing a course there. I met him on the last day of my filming. Super sakto kasi I was leaving for Zurich the next day. I was leaving town the next day, I wanted to do a road trip by myself, soul searching kasi nga I was going through something. Tapos we met on the last day,” she recalled.


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Looking back, Padilla said all she remembers now was how they had a really nice and long conversation.

“I think it’s interesting for people like us because when we are in the industry we work in, parang we are introduced mostly to people we work with. I guess that’s fun to a certain extent and then you’re gonna start looking for something else. I am not sure if it’s an isolated case for me, but I wanted meatier conversations. I wanted to learn more about the world because I didn’t want to be stuck in my own little bubble in Manila,” she said.

“When I met Norman, I learned so much. Our conversations were flowing endlessly. He introduced me to a lot of his friends when I was in Switzerland. I just felt like every day I got to spend with him, or every conversation I had with him, I feel like I am learning something new. Which I really enjoy because I hope the people who talk to me get that from me as well. If I am not learning, I cannot give that to the people I am talking to,” she added.


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Although they didn’t start dating until a year and a half ago, Padilla admitted she was already attracted to him from the very beginning.

“Obviously, he’s very handsome. None of my exes necessarily look alike. I don’t have a type but when I saw Norman, I said this guy is really cute. So I enjoyed looking at him as I was talking to him,” she said.

Sharing why she thinks their relationship works even if they are not always together, Padilla said: “We are very similar in [a] sense [that] he also has his own thing. He has his own friends. He has a career in a totally different industry in the same way I am like that as well. So we understand when we both need time.”

In her October 2020 post revealing her current relationship, Padilla had referred to Bay as “the one I met in St. Gallen” — a reference to her 2018 romance drama film.

Bay is Padilla’s first foreign boyfriend, and her first relationship after staying single since 2017.