Karel Marquez suffers miscarriage


Posted at Jul 26 2017 01:59 PM

MANILA – One month after announcing that she is expecting her first child with her husband Sean Farinas, actress Karel Marquez shared some devastating news on social media on Wednesday.

In a lengthy post, Marquez revealed that she lost her baby five to six weeks into her pregnancy.

“Our dream of having a baby this year was short lived as I had chemical pregnancies, an early miscarriage at 5-6 weeks; every mother's nightmare. I didn't think it would happen to me, but it did, for the first time in my life, back to back,” she said.

Marquez said she grieved quietly and cried when no one would see until she had to tell her parents, manager and friend about it.

“Since yesterday, when people would ask, I got tired already and spilled the beans. I stopped working daily as I was almost close to getting depressed - but I just put myself back together and picked up the pieces slowly. I tried not to show signs of sadness,” she said.

Although she is in deep pain, Marquez believes that God has something planned for her.

“Ang sakit - But I heard Him in my mind and said that He has something planned for me. Just wait. My husband and I decided to chill for a bit, and know that the right time will come. As they say, everything happens for a reason,” she said.

Marquez believes that greater things are coming her way.

Marquez and Farinas became a couple in December 2012. Prior to Fariñas, Marquez was in a relationship with Arman de Guzman, with whom she has two children -- Keiley and Kyler.

Marquez and Fariñas got married in Manila last December.