Angel responds to netizen who compared her to Jessy


Posted at Jul 26 2016 04:04 PM

MANILA – Angel Locsin just took in stride a comment of a netizen who directly compared her to actress Jessy Mendiola on social media.

Mendiola is currently being romantically linked to Luis Manzano, Locsin’s former boyfriend.

Commenting on one of her Instagram posts, the netizen with the handle @baby__athena told Locsin: “Feeling sexy mas sexy pa si jessy sayo best actress pa si jessy number one sikat worldwide eh ikaw haha”

Although several followers of Locsin already called out the Instagram user, the actress still took time to respond to @baby__athena calmly.

With a thumbs up emoticon, Locsin replied: “Ayos.”

Angel responds to netizen who compared her to Jessy 1

In a previous interview, Manzano already stressed that Mendiola had nothing to do with his breakup with Locsin.

However, Locsin did not reaffirm Manzano's suggestions that a third party was not involved in their split.

"Kung anong sinabi niya. Lagi namang ganoon eh. Kung anong sinabi niya eh 'di iyon na iyon. Kayo? Ano sa tingin niyo?" she said.

As for Mendiola, she emphasized that she did not cause the breakup of former celebrity couple.

“You know, honestly, if it were true, I wouldn’t be here right now facing you guys. For me, it was clear that they broke up already when Luis started courting me. Babae ako, it happened to me before. I wouldn’t do that to any other girl,” she said, crying.