‘Probinsyano’: Lily leaves Palace as Oscar set to reclaim power


Posted at Jul 25 2022 10:12 PM

Photo from Kapamilya Online Live
Photo from Kapamilya Online Live

Lily Ann Cortez (Lorna Tolentino) has been forced to vacate the official residence of the President as Oscar Hidalgo is set to seize back his power. 

In Monday's episode of “Ang Probinsyano,” Armando (John Estrada) advised Lily to prepare her forces as they learned about the Oscar’s return to the Palace with Cardo Dalisay’s (Coco Martin) Agila. 

Chaos also erupted outside the Palace as reporters and civilians tried to come after Lily. This as Hidalgo went on air to reveal what Lily did to the country. 

Albert also entered the office of Lily to urge her to leave the Palace immediately, noting that Oscar’s troops, including the police and military, are on the way to arrest them. 

Meanwhile, Oscar met the leaders of the armed forces to order them to prepare the troops to regain control of the Palace. 

Security leaders appeared to be afraid, at first, but Oscar assured them of a better country if he regains his power. 

“Palalayain ko ang buong bansa sa kasakiman ni Lily,” he said.

Lily followed her allies’ advice and ordered her staff to pack everything that may be used against her. She managed to leave the Palace, despite being harassed by a raging crowd, just before Oscar arrived. 

When the real president arrived at the Palace, there was extreme disorder as civilians entered. 

Oscar is expected to address the country, for the first time in a while, at the Palace in the next episode. 

After seven years, “Ang Probinsyano” is nearing its broadcast run, as announced last week.