Phoenix returns to PH with new album, nostalgic feel

Joko Magalong

Posted at Jul 24 2017 06:13 PM

Phoenix during their Manila concert in 2014

Filipino fans are eagerly awaiting the return of the French band Phoenix on August 15, who are playing this time around in a bigger venue at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. 

With tracks from their critically acclaimed albums ("Untitled," "It’s Never Been Like That," "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix," and "Bankrupt!"), as well as songs from the band's recently released sixth album, "Ti Amo," the concert promises to be another "synth-tastic" night. 

With the concert fast approaching, Phoenix guitarist Christian Mazzalia, talks to ABS-CBN News about their new album, and their expectations coming back to the Philippines. 

Q: You’re back with a new album. Has anything changed in your music? 
Chris Mazzalia (CM): Yeah, we worked three years in the city of Paris. We experimented a lot, and many things changed. We wanted to find a new sound, and I think we found a new sound, which is a reaction to our last album which was more complex and a bit cynical. This time we wanted to experiment with something pure, with a nostalgic feel. 

Q: What were your inspirations into making the album, "Ti Amo"? Knowing all the turmoil in Paris, did it have an effect in making your music? 
CM: Not directly, but of course, we didn’t realize [it] while we were doing it, but definitely we're looking for something like a lost paradise. That’s why we produced such luminous music. We had to do music that would heal us a bit. 

Q: Was gelato really an inspiration in the making of this album? 
CM: Yes, very true. 

Q: How so? 
CM: It was very important to have that self-experimentation. We realized we like bright fruit, we had the gelato colors, and we want those colors to come to our music, you know? Remembering some of our childhood, and these fantastic colors. 

Q: How does the writing process happen for you? 
CM: Every album we try to forget the old formula we had. In fact, we start every album with a blank page. When recording, we have a huge room with all the keyboards, the guitars, the drums, and the machines, and we are continuously recording. So we want to capture the first page when we have an idea -- the origin of the idea. So the music that you’re listening to in our album is really when we found it, because we wanted to capture the charm of the song, like the first kiss. For the first time, you know? 

Q: Do you have a favorite song in this album? 
CM: When we do an album, we are proud of all the songs. We make sure that all the songs are good, we don’t want to have only two songs that we are really proud of. So I love them all, in an equal way. 

Q: Your last concert here in 2014 was very successful. Any expectations for this coming one? 
CM: I remember this concert very well too. We expect a lot from the audience when we play, so that was so crazy! So what I would say is that I hope that you will be even more active from last time. 

Phoenix Live in Manila tickets are available at TicketNet online and outlets. Ticket prices are at P3,815 (lower box), P4,360 (patron), P4,905 (VIP seated), and P5,450 (VIP standing).