Kim Chiu turns to faith amid ‘fear of my 2nd home being shut down by government’


Posted at Jul 22 2020 07:13 PM

MANILA — Actress Kim Chiu admitted being overwhelmed with fear amid the ballooning cases of the coronavirus disease in the Philippines, as well as the retrenchment of her co-workers in ABS-CBN after the government shutdown of the broadcast network.


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On Instagram, Chiu shared that she has been relying on her faith to cope with uncertainties, posting a photo of lighting a candle and praying.

In its caption, she wrote: “Since the start of this year so many things happened, 2020 made our faith grow much stronger than ever. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring us. What we will be facing in the next few months, we are just crossing half of 2020.”

“Everyday I wake up there is always fear inside me, fear of COVID-19, fear of my 2nd home being shut down by the government, fear for my co-workers who have lost their job not because of the pandemic but because of unjust treatment, fear for my families' health, fear for what will happen to us in the coming months with COVID-19 case, still going up estimated 85k by the end of July. Fear for so many people that are starving right now.”

As of July 22, the Philippines has recorded over 72,000 coronavirus cases, including 1,843 deaths.

The forced shutdown of ABS-CBN comes compounds the coronavirus crisis for many of its workers, thousands of whom, including entire units, are being laid off by the end of August after Duterte allies in Congress killed the network’s franchise application.

Chiu, a Kapamilya since 2006, has been a visible figure in the campaign supporting ABS-CBN.

“There is so much going on. But I know, HE can hear us, HE can see us, HE will provide for us. We must not give up our faith in HIM. It is hard, this is a test of faith,” she wrote.

“May You protect us Lord Jesus, May you remind us that it was you who sent us. You will see us through. We lift everything in your mighty name. Amen.”