Alessandra de Rossi: ‘Hindi ako takot lumaban, pero takot ako sa COVID’


Posted at Jul 22 2020 11:43 PM

MANILA—Actress Alessandra de Rossi on Wednesday said her decision not to attend rallies protesting the government shutdown of ABS-CBN does not equate to not supporting the network.

Alessandra de Rossi: ‘Hindi ako takot lumaban, pero takot ako sa COVID’ 1
Alessandra de Rossi (second from right) starred in the 2018 ABS-CBN series ‘Since I Found You.’ FILE/

De Rossi, who has starred in several Kapamilya series throughout her two-decade career, addressed those asking about her stand on the forced halt of ABS-CBN’s free-TV and radio broadcast, which has resulted in the retrenchment of thousand of workers, among them the actress’ colleagues.

In recent weeks, vigils and a series of noise barrage have been held to protest the Congress’ killing of ABS-CBN’s franchise application.

In a series of tweets, de Rossi explained that she opts not to attend such gatherings as a personal precaution amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“May COVID, maawa ka,” she replied to one follower who noted that de Rossi has so far expressed her protest through social media. “Tsaka di ako okay (mentally) pag maraming tao. Birthday party nga, di ako umaattend, rally pa?”

De Rossi also brought up that divisiveness the issue has caused, writing: “At this point, pag lumaban ka, mayabang ka. Pag nanahimik ka, wala kang paki. Pag pray ka na lang, inasa mo kay Lord. Yung totoo?”

Replying to one follower who said that “silence favors the oppressor,” de Rossi said different people have different ways of expressing themselves.

“Di porket mas matapang ang isa ay takot ang isa. Baka iba kinatatakutan niya. Ako sure na, COVID first, tapusin ko lang ‘to at baka ito tumapos sakin.”

De Rossi then answered another follower’s analogy of ABS-CBN’s shutdown as the actress’ home being on fire, meant to question what she would do in such situation.

“Apoy yun. Gagawan ko ng paraan!” she said. “Pero di ko papapasukin kasambahay o kapitbahay ko para kunin ang naiwan kong mahalagang gamit. Laban ko ito. Pero yung pwedeng mahawang masunog bahay ng kapitbahay dahil sa akin… Di ko kaya. Wait! At yun ang COVID pasa sa akin. Patawad.”

“Anyway, wala na akong planong makipagdiskusyon sa ayaw naman makinig. I respect everyone who fights, I respect everyone who shuts up, for now... till may COVID. And I will end it with the same statement, hindi ako takot lumaban. Pero takot ako sa nanay ko at sa COVID. Peace!”