WATCH: Meg Imperial wins P1M on 'Minute To Win It'


Posted at Jul 22 2016 10:06 PM

MANILA - Actress Meg Imperial went home with P1 million after her appearance on ABS-CBN's "Minute to Win It: Last Man Standing."

Imperial won the grand prize after completing the challenge of landing three pieces of folded paper from a makeshift slingshot on top of a table 12 feet away.

"Hindi ko aakalain na mananalo po ako ng one million dahil nandito lang naman ako para enjoyin itong larong ito," said Imperial. "Tapos ganito kaya mas thankful talaga ako."

At the beginning of Friday's episode, Imperial, along with six other celebrities, were tasked to stack four plastic cups with index cards nestled in between each. They then had to pull the index cards and have the cups pile on top of each other.

The last contestant to do so would be eliminated.

In the next round, Imperial staved off an early exit once more after she successfully hooked five pieces of penne noodles using an uncooked spaghetti strand. She earned a spot in the quarterfinals when she bounced five pieces of marbles into small thimbles.

Imperial moved to semifinals after completing the challenge of grabbing a piece of candy with their mouth covered with a surgical mask, and then use the mask as a slingshot to launch the candy into a stack of carton rolls.

Imperial then was handed the chance to win P1 million when she eliminated indie actor Kiko Matos by finishing two out of the three challenges given with the best time.

The actress became the first winner of the grand prize of the game show's return season, which premiered last Monday.