Jennica Garcia denies she reconciled with Alwyn Uytingco


Posted at Jul 21 2021 03:29 PM | Updated as of Jul 21 2021 04:04 PM

MANILA – Jennica Garcia has denied persistent rumors that she and Alwyn Uytingco have gotten back together after they were spotted together in Tanay, Rizal just recently.

In a three-party post on Instagram, Garcia addressed a netizen’s comment who obviously annoyed her for assuming things about her personal life.

“I can opt to just delete the comment and block this chismosa na feeling mas maalam pa sa nangyayari sa 'kin sa personal kong buhay but I will just answer para tapos na dahil hindi naman ito ang magiging last time that this could happen at sa susunod 'di ko na kailangan sumagot pa ulit,” she began.

“My trip to Tanay won't be the only instance where people would see the father of my children and I in one place. I won't even be surprised to see pictures of us in Tanay on the internet once I post this because when we were there, there were people who asked me for a photo and then there were those who came up to Alwyn as well for pictures,” she added.

Although they are separated, Garcia said they are “thriving to co-parent healthily for our children.”

“It was NOT an Uytingco family trip. Dapat ba 'pag hiwalay sa asawa not in good terms? Hindi kami boyfriend and girlfriend na dahil hiwalay, cut all ties. We have children to think of hindi pwedeng sariling kapakanan lang iniisip,” she said.

Garcia then went on to share that there have also been other instances in the past that they were in the same event together but these were not publicized.

According to the actress, Uytingco is allowed to see their children any time he wants to and they have agreed not to post about these things on social media “to lessen the ‘noise’ and opinions” of other people not privy to their relationship.

“Kung magkabalikan man kami ni Alwyn, manggagaling sa bibig ko hindi manggagaling sa bibig ng kaibigan mo, o sa bibig ng kahit na sino na wala naman alam tungkol sa personal na buhay ko,” she said.

“I hope people won't look at it as a surprise that Alwyn and I are together in one place with our children, especially when it wasn't an intimate gathering with just the four of us there since we are exerting all efforts to make the situation less painful for my children than it already is,” she added.

Garcia said she will never hinder Uytingco from being a father to their children no matter what happens to the two of them in the future.

“Magkapamilya man na iba si Alwyn in the future, ano man ang mangyari, hindi ko ipagdadamot ang mga anak ko sa Tatay Alwyn nila. I know that this statement might be difficult to understand para sa mga taong hindi pa pamilyado but this is the reality I now face. While Alwyn is doing his best to restore our family, I need time to heal. I need to keep my relationship to God first and foremost a top priority,” she explained.

Uytingco, 33, and Garcia, 31, got married in February 2014, and have two children together.

Their marriage became the subject of speculation in March, when Garcia appeared to remove photos of Uytingco from her Instagram page.

At the time, the actress also posted about “looking forward to a new life,” and sought advice from her followers on how to change her username, @jennicauytingco, on the platform.

Notably, those posts were no longer visible, as of writing and she has also changed her Instagram handle by dropping “Uytingco.”

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