Lauren Young is more afraid to lose her voice than her endorsements


Posted at Jul 21 2020 12:09 PM

MANILA – Lauren Young is not afraid to make a stand for the things she believes in even if it means she might lose her endorsements.

“Whenever I speak out honestly may takot ako na baka mawalan ako ng trabaho from brands. But then again, in the long run, mas takot akong mawala ang freedom ko to voice out my opinions,” she said in a series of posts on Twitter over the weekend.

“So yeah I’ll post a selfie once in a while for work but you can never silence me,” she added.

Young stressed that it is not “spreading negativity when you spread awareness on issues on issues that affect us all as citizens.”

Young also agreed with Angel Locsin’s call for celebrities to speak up and use their platform wisely.

“Walang kwenta and kasikatan mo at yaman mo if you won’t even help the people who put you there in the first place,” she said.

“Ang pagiging artista mo ay trabaho lamang, but you are first and foremost a HUMAN. SPEAK UP!! USE YOUR PLATFORM. Ginagag* na nila tayo eh and WE ALL DESERVE BETTER,” Young added.

Young has been vocal about her support for ABS-CBN, her former home network, saying it is the Kapamilya network that “invested and trained me into the actress that I am today and opened the door to so many opportunities.”

For these reasons, Young said she will forever be grateful to ABS-CBN.

Young also previously said on Twitter that she owes her career to the Kapamilya network.