Why Jessy Mendiola met with Vilma Santos


Posted at Jul 21 2016 11:37 PM

Why Jessy Mendiola met with Vilma Santos 1
A photo of Jessy Mendiola and Vilma Santos went viral after Manzano admitted that he was dating the former 'Maria Mercedes' star.

MANILA - Television host Luis Manzano shared the story behind the viral photo of her mother, Batangas Representative Vilma Santos-Recto, with actress Jessy Mendiola.

The young actress is being romantically linked with Manzano.

The "Minute to Win It" host, in a text message sent to Pep, said that his mother invited Mendiola over for dinner to finally meet her.

Manzano added that the “Star for All Season” wanted him to clarify the controversy surrounding his relationship with the former "Maria Mercedes" star.

"My mom just invited us for dinner to talk and check up on me and also to meet and check up on Jessy regarding all the unwarranted bashing going her way," Manzano said.

Mendiola is being blamed for the break-up of Manzano and actress Angel Locsin. Mendiola denied the speculations, admitting that she feels hurt whenever critics would accuse her of being the third-party in the high-profile split.

"It hurts kapag sinasabi nila na, for a lack of better term, 'ahas' ka. Labas ako sa kanila and what happened between the two of them. 'Yung amin, I think dapat labas na rin siya doon," she said."Malinis ang puso ko. I would never ever destroy a relationship."

Manzano also dismissed the speculations, and Locsin refused to elaborate on the issue.