WATCH: PBB's Fifth comes out as bisexual

by Miguel Dumaual,

Posted at Jul 18 2014 01:24 AM | Updated as of Jul 19 2014 12:50 AM

MANILA - Fifth Pagotan has admitted being bisexual on "Pinoy Big Brother," marking the second time in the reality show's nearly 10-year run that a housemate opened up about his sexuality during his stay in the famous yellow house.

In the episode of "Pinoy Big Brother" aired on Thursday, Fifth, 22, sought to speak with "Kuya" inside the confession room to clarify his sexuality. This, after he admitted being bothered by an anonymous comment from "the outside world" read to them earlier.

"Ayan na naman si ****, parang bakla kung magreklamo kaya siguro 'di sila magkasundo ni ****," a comment read to the housemated by co-host Robi Domingo said.

Although the comments did not identify anyone, Fifth admitted he felt the statement mentioning someone's sexuality pertained to him. He noted that last week, he was complaining a lot about complications in their tasks.

In the confession room, Fifth said that even before joining "Pinoy Big Brother," he had always dreamed of joining show business. He noted that he has done some commercial modeling prior to becoming a housemate.

Fifth said he is concerned that revealing his sexuality would prevent him from achieving his goals, or that it would affect negatively whatever level of success he now has in his preferred career.

'Bisexual ako'

Explaining his sexual preference, Fifth said: "Ma-de-describe ko po ang sarili ko na kung iibigi po ako, hindi ko po iisipin 'yung status ng buhay ng tao, 'yung itsura ng tao, o 'yung sekswalidad ng tao."

"Kung gusto kita, o kung mahal ko 'yung tao, mahal ko 'yun. Hindi ko iisipin kung ano siya, basta naramdaman ko po sa tao. Iyon po 'yung paliwanag ko sa isyu na 'yon. Siguro masasabi ko po na open-minded po ako," he added.

When asked by Big Brother to clarify his sexual orientation, Fifth appeared to hesitate as he aired his concern about how people would react. "Mahirap po," he said.

According to Fifth, his mother, siblings, and a few close friends know about his sexuality. Although he has yet to talk about it directly with his family, Fifth said they are aware of his sexual preference.

Despite his concerns, Fifth decided to share outright his sexual orientation. He said that in joining "Pinoy Big Brother," he expected that the topic would eventually come up.

Fifth added that by talking about it openly, he would find out which ones will accept him without conditions.

"Open-minded po ako na tao," he said. "Kung marami pong hindi tanggap 'yon, okay lang po. Basta tanggap ko po ang sarili ko, at 'yung mga taong nagmamahal po sa akin. Siguro po, bisexual po ako."

Fifth said he has known this since he was a kid.

"Siguro pinapansin na rin ng iba. Tatanggapin ko na lang po, para hindi na magamit 'yun ng ibang tao laban sa akin para masaktan po ako. Kasi, sa sarili ko na po, natanggap ko na po," Fifth said.

Comparisons with Fourth

However, he admitted that he gets hurt when he is compared to his twin brother, Fourth, who is also a housemate. Fifth said the comparisons branded him as the less masculine twin.

'Pinoy Big Brother' housemates Fourth and Fifth Pagotan. ABS-CBN

"Mahirap po, sobra. Sobrang hirap," he said.

Asked by Big Brother whether his sexuality has any effect on his relationship with family members, Fifth said that they are only concerned that he may be judged unfairly when he comes out with his sexuality.

True enough, Fourth appeared to be concerned when Fifth told him about his visit to the confession room. The twins talked in the garden area of the house, with Fifth telling Fourth that he told Big Brother "everything."

Fourth, however, seemed to mistake his brother's statement as a mere airing of concern about viewers' perception of him. He advised Fifth not to let negative comments affect him.

Sensing Fourth did not understand that he had already admitted being "bisexual," he told his twin, this time with emphasis, that he has told Big Brother everything.

Fourth appeared speechless at this, and left the garden area.

Telling Manolo

In the confession room, Fifth said he has decided to tell housemates close to him about his sexuality, particularly Manolo Pedrosa. Along with Fourth, Manolo and Fifth have formed a group they call "Team YOLO."

Fifth called Manolo, who was relaxing in the living room, to go with him to the garden area. Here, Fifth asked his friend if he would still accept him if he were "crazy" or a "turtle."

"Bakit mo tinatanong kung tatanggapin kita? Tinanggap na kita, eh," Manolo answered.

Fifth brought up comments from viewers about his being "soft" or effeminate, and noted that there may be truth to it. To this, Manolo responded that he should not be bothered or change himself just because of others' comments.

"You're not here to please them. You're here to be yourself," he said. "If you're going to change, hindi ka na si Fifth. Hindi ka na baliw."

Admitting his sexual orientation outright, Fifth told Manolo: "Hindi ako straight. Gets? Girls, boys, I'm good. Bisexual ako. Hindi ko alam kung mag-iiba ba 'yung mga tao pag gano'n."

Initially confused, Manolo asked Fifth if he was joking. When he realized that his friend was serious with the confession, Manolo said, "No problem... Okay. So? Okay lang!"

"Nasa iyo naman 'yun, eh. So what if you're bi, so what if you're gay? It's not being gay or straight. It's being good or bad. Dapat wala kang paki sa straight or bi," he told Fifth.

In a preview of the Friday episode of "Pinoy Big Brother," Fifth is seen talking with his brother about admitting his sexuality to Big Brother. Fourth also appeared emotional when asked in the confession room whether he accepts his twin.

"Buong-buo po. Tanggap ko po," he answered.

Fifth's confession is not the first time a housemate talked about his sexuality on "Pinoy Big Brother." In March 2006, former actor Rustom Padilla made headlines when he admitted on national TV that he is gay. Now, he identifies himself as a transgender and goes by the name BB Gandanghari.

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