What Jinri Park tells those looking down on her work as a waitress


Posted at Jul 15 2020 04:49 AM

MANILA -- It might be that a reminder on the importance of taking tiny steps when starting over is exactly what many need. 

But some saw the story of Jinri Park beginning life anew, trading in her previous one behind the camera for work as a waitress, as her being served "karma." 


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Park had a decent showbiz career in the Philippines as a radio host and model. She even appeared in the popular reality TV show "Pinoy Big Brother," in addition to her several forays into acting. 

She abandoned this glitzy life, however, after finding love and deciding that moving to Australia with her husband would be best. 

"If you think that I'm currently miserable with 'karma' acting upon me, I'd just like to say I'm so happy now more than when I was in showbiz," wrote Park, in an Instagram post addressing those looking down on her work as a waitress.

"I have a fun job, a great loving husband and a goal for my future! What more can a girl want?" she asked. 


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According to Park, a lot of her "haters" have been telling her that this is her getting her comeuppance for leaving her fans behind. 

She responded by saying there is nothing wrong with working as a waitress, and that she chose it because she found it fun ("I feel like I'm playing a real-life 'Diner Dash'"). 

She also said that she took it on because she didn't want to burden her parents with her tuition fees, for a course she promised to reveal to her fans in the future. 

Park concluded her post by highlighting those who did see her story positively, telling them: "Thank you again to all the encouragement people have sent their way! It’s really heart warming to see some comments where you told me that I inspired you to start again like me." 

You can check out her full post below: 


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