Did you know? Paolo Contis was not Alessandra's first choice for 'Through Night and Day'


Posted at Jul 15 2020 06:36 PM | Updated as of Jul 16 2020 07:45 AM

Star Alessandra de Rossi admitted that she could have had a different co-star in 'Through Night and Day," after the movie found a new lease on life on Netflix. OctoArts Films and Viva Films

MANILA -- It's one of the most-talked about movies on Netflix at the moment, with plenty relating to its themes about travel and love. 

But did you know that "Through Night and Day" is also a movie that could've looked vastly different if its star, Alessandra de Rossi, had her way over who she thought would be her ideal pair for it? 

This past week, De Rossi, who came up with the concept for the film, admitted on Twitter that actor Paolo Contis wasn't her first choice for a co-star, and that she wanted her "Kita Kita" co-star Empoy Marquez. 

This was after a follower asked her if it was her who decided on her leading man, or producer Viva Entertainment. 

"I wrote this for Empoy, kaya ginawa kong childhood friends para tanggap na nila isa't-isa," she shared, before conceding that Contis turned out to be "perfect."

"Through Night and Day" is currently one of the top trending movies on Netflix, after being made available on the streaming service almost two years after its local premiere. It even peaked at number one. 

The movie tells the love story between Ben (Contis) and Jen (De Rossi), a couple who travels to Iceland before getting married. 

But instead of it becoming the dream vacation they envisioned, it gradually turns into a bickering-filled nightmare that brings out their worst sides, making them second-guess their relationship. 

Scriptwriter Noreen Capili also shared some interesting tidbits about the movie, such as how it was supposed to have another title, and how De Rossi almost died shooting one of its scenes. 

Check it out below:


"Through Night and Day" premiered back in November 2018 to very little fanfare. 

In an interview with Pep, Capili recalled how she had personally asked friends to go watch her movie, after local cinemas were pulling it out after just two days because no one was buying tickets for it. 

She also said that she's thankful to Netflix Philippines for picking it up and giving it a new lease on life.