How 'Forevermore' changed Liza Soberano


Posted at Jul 15 2015 09:59 PM | Updated as of Jul 16 2015 05:59 AM


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MANILA -- Returning to the United States, where she was born, was an emotional journey for Liza Soberano. The actress, however, said it made her a stronger person.

“I was excited to come here to see my mommy and my siblings again. I haven’t seen them in seven years. It all made me nervous, what would they look like? Would it still be the same as before?” she said.

Since her breakout series “Forevermore,” the actress has seen her life completely changed.

“Like kapag nasa States ako and then may makakasalubong akong Pinoy, makikilala nila ako. It feels different. It makes me feel like I have finally achieved something,” she said.

Despite this, Soberano has a realistic view towards her career.

Asked how she plans to achieve longevity in showbiz, she said: “I hope will people still love what I do. I don’t really expect to be in the business long. But if it happens, then that would be even better.”

She added that while in showbiz, she will work hard to achieve a dream. “Gusto ko mag best actress,” she said boldly.

Does she have a dream role?

“Gusto ko mga action. Gusto ko din po ng parang ‘The Walking Dead,’ mga zombies, ganun,” she said.

Soberano said she is grateful she has Enrique Gil as a partner.

“He is always good vibes. Nahahawa ang ibang tao. He doesn’t make a trip boring. He is funny,” she said, adding that she appreciates his help in dealing with the challenges that come with a public life.

Meanwhile, Soberano shared how she deals with criticisms.

“Naco-control nila ako. Pero ngayon, I don’t really pay attention to it anymore. I got used to it. I guess it’s really nothing to me anymore except good criticisms of course. I take it into thought to better myself,” she said.

Following the success of “Just the Way You Are,” Soberano is excited to work on a new movie when she returns to the Philippines. – report by Yong Chavez, ABS-CBN North America News Bureau

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