‘Init sa Magdamag’ trends as Yam, JM affect viewers in bloody episode


Posted at Jul 14 2021 01:03 AM

‘Init sa Magdamag’ trends as Yam, JM affect viewers in bloody episode 1
Yam Concepcion and JM de Guzman portray an abusive marriage in ‘Init sa Magdamag.’ ABS-CBN

MANILA — “Init sa Magdamag” became a top trending topic on Twitter on Tuesday, as the lead characters portrayed by Yam Concepcion and JM de Guzman were shown in a bloody confrontation.

In the episode titled “The Battered Wife,” Peterson (de Guzman) physically abused his pregnant wife, Rita (Concepcion), in the obsessive, mistaken belief that she has been having an affair with Tupe (Gerald Anderson).

Consumed by jealousy and rage, Peterson accused Rita of meeting Tupe in secret, well after their arrangement to help Rita conceive.

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Bloodied, Rita managed to escape Peterson’s clutches, with Tupe arriving in time to bring her to the hospital.

Peterson, whose infertility and resulting insecurity has long affected his marriage with Rita, had convinced Tupe to be their sperm donor for in vitro fertilization. Tupe happens to be Rita’s former boyfriend.

The setup, which Peterson had insisted on, as well as Rita’s personal history with Tupe, only fueled Peterson’s growing obsession over the supposed infidelity of his wife.

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The portrayals of Concepcion, de Guzman, and Anderson in the Tuesday episode proved affecting for viewers, as the series official hashtag, #ISMBatteredWife, ranked among the top trends on Twitter in the Philippines as it aired.

“Peterson” also made the list, with fans expressing horror with de Guzman’s character, while also praising his performance as well as those of Concepcion and Anderson.

Here are some of the reactions to the episode:

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