WATCH: Sharon is Lavinia, Cherie Gil is Dorina in re-enactment of iconic ‘copycat’ scene


Posted at Jul 14 2019 02:10 PM


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MANILA — It’s mission accomplished for Cherie Gil, after she finally got to re-enact her iconic “copycat” confrontation with original co-star Sharon Cuneta — with a twist.

Gil has tapped several stars to fill in the role of Dorina (Cuneta) in her various re-enactments of the wine-splashing scene, as seen in the 1985 film “Bituing Walang Ningning.”

Always, she would be the envious Lavinia, the antagonist role she originated and which has inspired many “kontrabida” portrayals over the years.


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But this time, finally with Cuneta, the two screen veterans switched roles, with Gil as Dorina and being at the receiving end of the memorable, “second-rate, trying hard, copycat” line.

Gil shared the re-enactment on Instagram on Sunday, writing, “Mission accomplished!”

“Thank you for being the best friend ever,” she wrote, addressing to Cuneta. “And for being game always and for a wonderful evening and for your lovely children and for the gift of you and your big heart! Love you!”