‘Idol Philippines’: Sheland gets mixed reaction with cover of This Band hit


Posted at Jul 14 2019 12:01 AM

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MANILA—The top 8 of "Idol Philippines" were asked to perform some of the country's most streamed songs for the third set of live rounds, which started this Saturday. 

Sheland Faelnar was the third contestant up and she decided to showcase her rendition of This Band's "Hindi na Nga." 

Regine Velasquez commented that Faelnar perhaps tried to overdo things and admitted that she had trouble understanding the lyrics. 

"Naguluhan ako nu'ng umpisa sa kung ano iyong kinakanta mo," Velasquez told Faelnar. "I couldn't understand what you were saying, what you were singing. Pero nu'ng bandang huli, nag-build up ka naman and mas narinig ko iyong boses mo, iyong kanta." 

"Alam mo sweetheart, there is such as thing as overemoting a song . . . Alam ko na kailangan mo iparamdam sa amin iyong message, but you also have to perform a song." 

This so-so sentiment was echoed by Vice Ganda, who said: "It took me a while before I got hooked with your performance. If not for the high notes doon sa dulo, there was nothing remarkable." 

The comedian did say that Faelnar's way of singing may have been influenced by her background with pageants, where poses and movements are often exaggerated. 

"Bawasan mo iyong aura, gawin mong natural iyong pagkanta mo," Vice Ganda said. 

Moira dela Torre told Faelnar to embrace herself as she is "already amazing." 

James Reid was more impressed, however, and praised Faelnar: 
"I saw a different side of you tonight, a more serious, emotional side. I feel like you could have done more but overall, I was impressed, especially towards the end." 

Hosted by Billy Crawford, "Idol Philippines" airs Saturdays after "Home Sweetie Home" and Sundays after "Wansapanataym."