Basher calls Alex Gonzaga ‘palengkera,’ gets ‘savage’ response from Mommy Pinty


Posted at Jul 14 2019 12:01 PM

MANILA — Mommy Pinty, Alex Gonzaga’s mother and the breakout star of the comedienne’s hit YouTube vlog, could not help but respond to a basher who called her daughter, “palengkerang pokpok.”


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The follower left the comment on Gonzaga’s June 13 Instagram post, a throwback photo of her vacation in New York.

It read, unedited: “Ano ginagawa ng palingkera pokpok sa New York bazura.”

Pinty, who has become an online personality thanks to Gonzaga’s vlog, replied directly to the comment, saying: “Ha, sino ka! Kawawa ka naman, will pray for you, baka sa inggit ano gawin mo sa sarili mo. Be happy, girl.”

Sharing a screenshot of her mother’s response, Gonzaga tweeted: Mommy Pinty is kween and savage!”

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Owing to her regular appearance in Gonzaga’s vlog, Pinty has endeared herself to her daughter’s fans, in light of the family’s relatable quirks and dynamics.

In June, Gonzaga’s favorite topic of Pinty’s parenting style became the inspiration of her latest hit song, “Tipints.”