Kim Molina is learning how to play the cello


Posted at Jul 13 2020 11:09 AM

MANILA -- Singer-actress Kim Molina took to Instagram to share her latest pastime -- learning how to play the cello.

Molina said that with the support of her friends and her boyfriend, actor Jerald Napoles, she is trying to learn new things.


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"I've always had a huge fascination with this beautiful instrument but never had the chance to learn and fully embrace it. Being surrounded by wonderful talented friends and a supportive boyfriend, I am finally doing it! I may not be able to play as good as cellists my age with years of experience, I've always been told that it's never too late to push yourself and learn something new," Molina wrote in the caption.

'For now I can't play anything yet. Level 1 how to sit and hold a bow pa lang and next is how to play 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.' Hopefully I'll get to look back on this post in the future and be proud that I finally jumped in to a dream I've always wanted to do for myself. Wala lang. Sharing this happy moment to every one," she added.