'Hindi pagkain ang mga babae,' Sunshine Cruz says as daughters become target of sexual remarks


Posted at Jul 13 2020 04:31 PM


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MANILA — "Hindi pagkain o bagay ang mga babae."

These were the words of Sunshine Cruz on Monday as she called out individuals and online communities over sexual remarks targeted at her and her daughters.

In a series of tweets, the "Love Thy Woman" actress shared screenshots of Facebook pages and profiles with posts objectifying her and her three children.

"If this is right, I don't know what's wrong anymore," she wrote.

Cruz also identified individuals whom she said were "schoolmates" of her daughters, telling them: "I hope you'll have the courage to face us and say these things straight to our faces."

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Cruz, 42, has three daughters with her former husband Cesar Montano: Angelina, Samantha, and Chesca. All three are in her custody.

Showbiz newcomer Angelina is 18, while both her sisters are minors.

"Wala kaming sinasaktan at inaapakang tao," Cruz wrote. "Hindi pagkain o bagay ang mga babae."

"Anong satisfaction ang nakukuha niyo sa pambabastos niyo sa amin? I may have done sexy movies in the past but it is never a valid reason to treat us this way."

In her own tweets, Angelina also addressed being the target of sexual comments, specifically pertaining to photos of her family swimming.


A post shared by Sunshine Braden Cruz (@sunshinecruz718) on

"I'm so tired seeing people defending the people who sexualize my little sisters. My sisters are minors. Those defending these predators, do you expect us to swim in jeans? Make it make sense. It's not funny and it's not amusing. It's disgusting," she wrote.

"Don't normalize putting the blame on what we wear, whether it's too revealing or not decent for you. This is why rape culture exists. Instead, educate yourselves."