WATCH: Tony Labrusca is tortured in new film about martial law


Posted at Jul 13 2018 10:00 PM


It's due to premiere next month as part of the annual Cinemalaya film festival. But it might have been more fitting for a Halloween release, as the first official trailer for the Tony Labrusca-starrer "ML" gives a glimpse of its terrifying torture scenes. 

The plot focuses on a young student (Labrusca) planning to do a report on martial law for school. He seeks out a senior neighbor for an interview, but from the outset something seems off. 

The neighbor, portrayed by Eddie Garcia, is shown wearing an officer's uniform everywhere he goes. Fears are confirmed as the clip goes on to show shots of Labrusca's character and his friends being brutally tortured. 

"Bakit mo ginagawa ito?" he asks the old man, who then replies, "Kasi martial law."

"ML" is directed by Benedict Mique, and is one of the 10 full-length entries to this year's Cinemalaya Film Festival.