Emotional Donita Rose confirms split with husband


Posted at Jul 14 2016 12:51 AM

MANILA - Television host and former MTV VJ Donita Rose has confirmed rumors that she and her husband of more than a decade, Eric Villarama, have decided to part ways.

Rose, speaking in Tuesday's episode of Mo Twister's online podcast, said she and Villarama have been separated for two years.

Rose refused to detail the split, but, while holding back tears, said that it was a "devastating" and "painful" experience.

"I will say that there have been a lot of times I said, 'Why me?' I felt like I've done everything that I could," Rose, a devout Christian, told Twister. "Why does this still has to happen to me? The hardest part is when you have kids, in this case, my son."

She added: "But one thing that I take comfort in knowing is that sometimes God has to work through adversity. We don't really learn a lot through the good times. It's really through the trials and difficulties you really start seeking answers, really turning to God.

"When you feel that things are hopeless. It's through adversity that we can become better people. I feel that after everything that has happened to me, believe it or not, I actually feel that I've become a better person out of it," Rose concluded.

Rose, echoing an interview last year, hinted that she had tried to make her and Villarama's marriage work. But after her former husband posted a photo of him with another woman on his Instagram account, she knew it was over. 

Eric Villarama (right) shares a photo on his Instagram account of him with another woman. The account has since been deactivated

"I guess it made it official when the other day I found out that he came out with a photo with another woman," she said. "We did talk about the photo the other day and he apologized to me."

Rose did not say anything about filing an annulment case against her husband, adding that she will talk more about the split when she is ready. She told Twister that she is in the process of moving on from the failed relationship.

Rose and Villarama got married in Santa Barbara, California in June 2003. They have one child, Joshua Paul.