'Eat Bulaga' faces inquiry over Sotto's 'victim-shaming'


Posted at Jul 12 2016 07:58 PM

MANILA - The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) has summoned the producers of "Eat Bulaga" after Filipinos online cried foul over the controversial victim-blaming remarks Senator Vicente "Tito" Sotto III made on live television.

The regulatory agency, in a letter dated July 11, invited TAPE Inc. president Antonio Tuviera, senior vice president Malou Choa-Fagar, and "Eat Bulaga" creative head Jenny Ferre, to an inquiry "over the remarks alleged to be insensitive to women."

Sotto, in an episode of the noontime show last Saturday, drew criticism when he implied that it was the victim's fault that she was taken advantage of by a male friend while she was drunk. He also called out the woman for wearing revealing clothes.

"Kasalanan ng lahat ng iyan eh ang paginom. Kababae mong tao pa-shot shot ka?" Sotto asked the woman, also the winner of the program's "Juan for All, All for Juan" segment.

Newly appointed MTRCB chair Eugenio Villareal said that they have noticed "concerns raised over social media" regarding Sotto's remarks. He attached two articles on the issue and a post on Twitter urging MTRCB to investigate a video of the incident to his letter.

The inquiry is scheduled on July 21.

During the "Eat Bulaga" episode in question, the woman alleged that her male friend took advantage of her while she was drunk. She claimed to have no recollection of the incident, which led to her and her husband's separation.

The woman's confession prompted Sotto, as well as the other hosts, to suggest that a woman should not be drinking. The senator went on to criticize her choice of clothing, exclaiming: "Naka-shorts habang nagsho-shot?"