Meryll Soriano admits: I have bipolar disorder


Posted at Jul 12 2015 05:14 PM | Updated as of Jul 13 2015 01:14 AM


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MANILA – Meryll Soriano admitted there was a time during her younger years when she also thought of taking her own life.

In an interview with entertainment site PEP, Soriano explained that her suicidal tendency was probably due to her bipolar disorder.

“Yes, because I’m bipolar, I have bipolar disorder. I mean hindi mo maiiwasan 'yung mga ganung thinking and I think it was such an awakening… Parang we lack that awareness. We think, it’s important to know,” she said.

“'Di ba ikaw iniisip mo lang ‘yun kasi parang because nobody understands. People who are not depressed will never understand the real meaning of being depressed,” she added.

Saying the real meaning of depression is “very complex,” the actress said it is important for people who have this condition to seek help from the experts.

According to Soriano, she was diagnosed with her condition when she was 27. Since then, the actress said she has been getting help from a counselor and a doctor.

“I always ask for help. 'Yung moment that I understood that I can be helped, that it can be helped, that you know, you can live a normal life, I really stuck to that path,” she said.

Asked if there’s something she would like to tell other people who have the same disorder, Soriano said: “Just ask for help because everybody is willing to help.”

“Ako naman I was just very lucky. I was just very lucky and strong and weak. The weaknesses should be strength. So when you’re weak, you know that you can ask for help and that’s strength,” she said.