Bouncers in Baron Geisler viral video speak up


Posted at Jul 10 2015 02:49 PM | Updated as of Jul 10 2015 10:49 PM

Video grab from Mojahid Abdulmoumen's  facebook page

ANGELES CITY- The bouncers involved in the viral video showing a rowdy Baron Geisler have finally aired their side of the story.

The Facebook clips show the 33-year-old actor, who appears to be drunk, being disallowed entry to the establishment in Pampanga. In the second video, Geisler is seen cursing and even challenging the bouncers to a fist fight.

Edgar Tolentino, head bouncer, said that Geisler was denied entry to their establishment because he was very drunk.

"May rules kasi kami dito, 'pag lasing na at di mo na kaya, bawal na," explained Tolentino.

When told about the policy, Geisler allegedly started shouting and throwing invectives at the bouncers.

"Sabi n'ya, 'magkano ka ba? P*tang ina mo, papatayin kita, pati anak mo,' sabi niya," Ronnie Tanglao, another bouncer, narrated.

Tanglao said that the altercation caught in the viral videos was not the first time Geisler made a scene at the bar. Geisler allegedly made a pass at dancers in the bar three years ago.

"Nanigarilyo s'ya sa dancefloor, tapos nanghipo. Akala siguro, okay lang dahil artista," Tanglao recounted.

The management of the bar has yet to decide whether to press charges against Geisler.


In a statement, ALV Talent Circuit, which manages Geisler's career, empathized with the actor's "plea against the discrimination he suffered" from the club's management and security.

It surmised that Geisler's past controversies were the reason he was denied admission to the venue.

The talent firm expressed support for its ward, saying it was the establishment that "caused the incident and aggravated the situation by hurting the feelings of Baron."

Here's the full statement of ALV Talent Circuit:

"We are greatly concerned about the viral video of Baron Geisler’s latest bar incident in Angeles City, Pampanga which is currently making the rounds on social media.

"We empathize with Baron Geisler's plea against the discrimination he suffered from the bouncer and management of the said venue.

"As can be seen in the longer version of video, Baron may have overreacted due to frustration but had reason and was well within his rights to question and demand explanation from the manager or somebody who had authority, why he was being denied admission into a public place that offers entertainment and serves alcoholic beverages.

"We do not know of any bar that discriminates against incoming patrons whether they appear inebriated or not. We can only conclude that this is a result of the stigma caused by similar incidents involving Mr. Geisler in the past.

"Management caused the incident and aggravated the situation by hurting the feelings of Baron. As clearly appearing in the video, there is no single justifiable reason for the management to deny admission except that he is Baron Geisler with obvious past issues.

"Nevertheless, a place for entertainment open to the public, locals and foreigners alike, cannot single out any individual purely because of the stigma of his past, unaccompanied by any illegal act, untoward incident, violation of law, ordinance and rules of the establishment.

"Despite the commotion outside the bar, we are thankful that Baron had the right mind to walk away in the end from the said incident.

"We pray for sobriety and that the public be more discerning before judging anyone." - with a report from Gel Sigui, ABS-CBN News Pampanga