So far, so good for Assunta de Rossi and her 'miracle baby'


Posted at Jul 07 2020 12:55 PM

MANILA -- Actress Assunta de Rossi on Monday admitted that she's a bit emotional over her "miracle baby."

De Rossi , who is five months pregnant, explained that her being emotional was due to the "fear of not knowing" when she had her first imaging test.


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"No way of knowing yet if I’m having a coccolino or a coccolina. Hmm... my little miracle from heaven is being pasaway. Alam na kung kanino nagmana! But seriously, I’m feeling a bit emotional because the last time I had a scan, the baby was as small as a jellybean, if not smaller. It’s the fear of not knowing. But I survived my first and second trimester during a pandemic and lockdown without any complications! Cheers!" she wrote in the caption.

De Rossi confirmed that she's pregnant with her husband Jules Ledesma just last May.